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The Real Problems Hospitals Face

According to a 2012 Annual Report*, Medicare will go bankrupt in either 2016 or 2024 depending on how you calculate the effect of Obamacare.

Improper payments are a significant contributor to this problem. More than 30% of Medicare payments are considered "improper."

RAC (Recovery Audit Contractors) Auditors work on commission. They receive 9-12.5% of everything they collect. They can investigate as far back as 36 months.

From March 2005 - March 2008, RACs corrected more than $1.03 billion in Medicare improper payments.

*Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Hospital Insurance and Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Funds

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Your recent audit of our programs in Idaho and Oklahoma were invaluable. The education you provided has made a huge impact on the accuracy of the coding and billing, and the financial impact has already been significant. You have a way of taking a very complicated subject and helping people understand the correct way to do things and why...I look forward to having you involved in future programs so that we will get them started on the right foot and avoid having to clean things up later."

  • Sidney D. Winters, MBA
  • President and CEO
  • Hyperbaric Medicine Group

"This is just incredible information! I really appreciate the thought you put into this response and the fact that you have validated what most of us have been operating under as "opinions." You hit on a few very key points that vary from physician-to-physician and how they approach the clinical and documentation components of the patient visit - which will definitely impact the appropriateness of the -25."

  • Christopher A. Morrison, MD, FCCWS, FACHM
  • CEO
  • Nautilus Health Care Group

"Thank you for the feedback...I get stumped sometimes when trying to explain Medicare guidelines and medical necessity to our panel of physicians and providers...I am glad to have a network of individuals such as you and your team to rely on when the need arises."

  • Norma Terry, CHT
  • Wound Care Center Director
  • South Texas Health Systems
Q: I'm ready to implement Intellicure EHR into my clinic. How does the process work?

A: Your clinic will have a dedicated Implementation Specialist and an expert Intellicure EHR Trainer working together with you to provide solutions to make your go-live successful. Our team understands the complexity of running a real-world wound care clinic just like yours and will ensure a smooth transition.

Q: Will using an electronic health record really improve my workflow?

A: Absolutely. Working overtime and chasing charts will be a thing of the past. By using Intellicure EHR you will have the ability to sign off on the patient chart while the patient is still in the room. Our point and click technology is much faster and will increase efficiency.

Q: How can I be sure that Intellicure EHR is right for my clinic?

A: With the impending Meaningful Use requirements you can be sure that Intellicure provides you the tools you need to run your clinic efficiently while being compliant and profitable. With our software you don't have to spend time chasing charts and worrying about RAC Auditors. We also offer a Return on Investment calculator to ensure you are getting all you need from your EHR. Ask your Intellicure Sales Representative about this during your online demonstration.